Imperial Medical Assessments, in affiliation with Newmarket Health & Wellness Center and Mississauga Health & Wellness Centers, is a team of licensed healthcare professionals working together to provide a wide range of wellness services. We offer a holistic approach to physical and psychological concerns and are dedicated to improving the overall health of our patients.

Personal Support Worker (PSW)

A personal support worker provides compassionate care to individuals who need assistance with daily tasks. PSWs play a vital role in ensuring that patients are comfortable and cared for. Some of the assistance PSWs provide include personal hygiene, mobility, medication management, and other key tasks.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy

Pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles in the pelvic cavity responsible for providing support to the bladder, rectum, prostate (in men), and uterus and vagina (in women). Weak or tense pelvic muscles can cause incontinence or pelvic pain/discomfort. We offer safe and effective treatments postnatal pelvic floor physiotherapy and Emsella Chair Treatment to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique widely practiced around the world today that targets specific points of the body. During sessions, fine needles are inserted into the skin to trigger a response from the nervous, endocrine, hormonal or vascular systems to promote healing, ease pain and improve overall well-being.

Motor vehicle accident rehabilitation

A motor vehicle accident can leave you in excruciating pain that makes it difficult to perform day-to-day tasks. We use various treatments and techniques including physiotherapy, shockwave therapy, and acupuncture, along with other tailored therapy programs to aid in recovery, ease pain, and restore mobility and function.

Weight management program

Get rid of stubborn fat for good with a customized weight-loss plan that will help you meet your goals and shed weight safely through a combination of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes. Our program includes 10 workout sessions, a personalized meal plan, and meal replacement options.


Custom orthotics are designed for your feet and give you the support and comfort you need. Orthotic care can make all the difference if you experience problems like neuromas, high or low arches, plantar fasciitis or other foot issues. Not only do our custom orthotics provide your feet with comfort, but they also correct pronation and supination.

Mental Health Therapy

Your psychological, emotional, and social well-being all contribute to your mental health. When one or more of these areas is suffering, it can lead to conditions like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts. Our mental health therapy services, which include counselling and psychotherapy, give you the tools to cope with mental illness and live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is effective in relieving pain and tension in the body, reducing stress, and promoting relaxation and wellness. Using various techniques, our certified massage therapists target soft tissue in the body through massage techniques and tools. We offer different types of massages to address the individual needs of each patient.

Chiropractic care & therapy

Chiropractic therapy promotes spinal health by providing musculoskeletal care and treatment. Using a combination of techniques, chiropractors manipulate the spine to reduce pressure on nerves, improve the range of motion, alleviate pain, and improve overall health and quality of life. Our chiropractic services include joint manipulation, traction, soft tissue therapy, mobilization, interferential current, and other techniques.

Emsella Chair Treatment

Emsella Chair Treatment is a non-invasive procedure available at our Newmarket clinic that uses high-intensity electromagnetic waves to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. These electromagnetic waves stimulate the muscles in the pelvic floor and cause them to contract and tighten. Not only is this treatment effective, but it is also quick and painless.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a treatment that increases the amount of oxygen in blood cells, blood plasma, cerebral spinal fluid, and other bodily fluids to accelerate healing and recovery. Patients are placed in a special chamber and pure oxygen is introduced at high atmospheric pressure. Health Canada recognizes 13 conditions that HBOT addresses.


Our licensed physiotherapists use a combination of exercises and advanced equipment to improve mobility, relieve chronic pain, and improve mobility. To effectively treat pain and injury, we work with patients on an individual basis and create a personalized treatment plan that specifically addresses their needs.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy transmits acoustic pressure waves to the body’s tissues to alleviate chronic pain, boost metabolism and promote healing in damaged tissue. It is a non-invasive treatment designed to accelerate healing in injured areas of the body by increasing blood flow to the affected area.

Osteopathic Therapy

Osteopathic therapy stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself by engaging all the systems in the body. It is a holistic and non-invasive form of therapy that seeks to strengthen the muscular-skeletal system by improving the nervous, lymphatic, and circulatory systems. Techniques used in osteopathic therapy include applying gentle pressure, stretching, and resistance.

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